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Cordura fabric


We use original Cordura ™ nylon fabric that has exceptional abrasion and tear resistance, and good strength-to-weight ratio. It is also highly water resistant and durable since it was originally developed for military body armor.

High performance DWR lightweight vinyl fabric at the bottom of the bag provides stain and water resistance, and easy cleaning when dirty.

EVA foam

EVA is an elastic polymer material that is an amazing shock absorber, even at low temperature, much more durable compared with foams – we use it in the padding of our products to guarantee maximum durability, comfort and protection. We spend extra on the best foam on the market. It also maintains the shape of the bag without the necessity of a hard structure.


The overall structure of our bags is designed with proper engineering approach for heavy carrying so they are durable and practical over the years.

We use specific sewing machinery for bar-tacking in small areas of high pressure such as MOLLE, handles at points of big pressure and iron-tough threads to assemble our backpacks bombproof with long-lasting performance

HOOK fasteners

We use soft touch loop and molded hook fasteners that are technically engineered for high cycle life, durability, reusability and performance. Made out of one piece of molded plastic where many extruded hooks come out of a plastic backing. Thanks to the structure, the hook tape does not absorb any moisture and do not clog with dust.